“Thank you very much on behalf of my husband and I for leasing our condo on our behalf.  The simplicity of the process and manor and speed that you leased the condo was remarkable and we could not have done so without your help.

The fact that we had multiple applicants to choose from at the end of the process was even better. Letting us feel like we had some say & some control over the final tenants in the end.  Plus the fact that you managed all the money, and even got us more rental income in the end, truly exceeded all expectations.

Thank you again.”


Gina Nucci & Kevin Hincks


“I could not be happier!   My experience with 36 North PM has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING!  I was slightly apprehensive about renting my house out but Audrey’s Wardwell’s professionalism, experience and friendly approach made it very easy for me to put my home in her capable hands.  At our first meeting, I was assured that a high quality tenant would be found and 36 North PM delivered!  My house was rented to the perfect tenant less than three weeks after being on the market.  All of my questions were answered promptly and Audrey made sure that I was comfortable with every decision that was made throughout the process.   I  am very grateful to be working with 36 North PM and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for property management company in Monterey County.”
– Tammie Ward

“I have known Audrey Wardwell since 1999, when she began assisting my late husband in managing Forester Hall in Old Town, Salinas, California.

I have worked directly with her since 2006, and am happy to write this recommendation for her. Audrey has many talents and skills, which contribute to her success as a property manager, and following are her top five, as I see them:

1. Audrey is very good at, and enjoys, establishing good relationships with people. She has a positive attitude, is empathetic, and gets satisfaction in helping people. People know that they matter to her. I share ownership of Forester Hall with another family member and she is very good at keeping us both in touch with any issues, which arise. She has discernment and thoroughness in evaluating potential tenants, and brings in good tenants. She is comfortable in negotiating for a good price and speaks directly but pleasantly. We have had a few evictions over the years, which she has handled well.

2. She has integrity, and I would not be able to have her as the property manager if I did not have this confidence in her.

3. She is action oriented and is able to keep projects moving to completion. This skill means that she is quite consistent in quickly responding to me and others. Tenants know that they can communicate with her about their concerns/questions and she will follow through. She sees that we receive the monthly draw and tax documents on time.

4. Audrey thinks in terms of the big picture and is self motivated in her work and goals. I have had the opportunity to see her increase her skills as a property manager through additional education as well as on the job training. She is always thinking and planning how to make the building more successful as a business.

5. Audrey has good taste in selecting colors and materials for the building.

Audrey represents me very well and I am pleased with her work as property manager of Forester Hall.”
– Gloria GaringCo-owner, Forester Hall

“Living out of town and being a control freak, I really have to count on and trust someone to take care of my property and when it comes to property managers, Audrey Wardwell is top notch! Her customer service skills are fantastic, she is very professional, honest and has treated me as a friend.

My rent comes in monthly like clock work, my rent is deposited directly into my bank account every month and I get an owner statement in my inbox. Even when there are no issues to report, I still get a “checking in” email or call just to say hi and let me know everything is as it is supposed to be.

I feel at ease knowing Audrey is taking care of my property like a true professional, I am not bothered by small stuff and I know she is taking care of everything with my best interest in mind. Honestly the most positive property management experience I could have asked for!”
– Kelli King

“For over three years, Audrey Wardwell has been managing my rental properties flawlessly. My properties are rented almost continuously, with minimal downtime between renters. Audrey has proactively attended to all maintenance issues, eliminating the need for me to commit precious time away from my other business pursuits. Thanks to Audrey, I never worry about my properties – they simply continue to generate revenue with minimal cost. I recommend Audrey without hesitation to anyone who needs professional, first class property management.”
– Todd Miller, CEO of Gwabbit.com

“My husband and I rented a home in Seaside, CA from Audrey in 2012. We were very impressed with Audrey and really enjoyed renting from her. She was quick to respond to us whenever we needed of her and she was very professional throughout our entire lease. We wish all property managers could be more like Audrey!”
– Heather and Casey McSwiggin